iOS Apps

Simple Loan

A loan calculator to determine the monthly payments on a loan based on the loan amount, term of the loan, and the interest rate for the loan. It can be used for auto loans, mortgages, personnal loans, etc. Runs on iPhone and iPad on iOS 8.2 or higher.

Dive Nitrox

An app to calculate certain parameters for Scuba diving with Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx). The program determines the Equivalent Air Depth (EAD), the Maximum Operating Depth (MOD) and Best Mix for a chosen SCUBA EANx, ppO2, and depth. The app uses simple sliders for changing the enriched air nitro mix, the partial pressure of oxygen, and the depth values. Runs on iPhone and iPad on iOS 8.2 or higher.

Scuba Do List

An innovative App to provide pre-existing checklists for planning for Scuba travel vacations. Functions as a To-Do Checklist with multiple lists, each list having multiple tasks/items per list. Tasks can be checked off, unchecked, hidden/unhidden, deleted, and added to. In addition to pre-existing lists, users can create complex new lists with their own tasks/items to do.

Can also be used as a stand alone To-Do List App.

Lists Available:

- Scuba Equipment

- Save-a-Dive Kit

- Camera Checkout

- Documentation

Migraine Log (In Development)

Migraine Log is a diary for capturing the attributes of a migraine headache electronically. It allows the user to capture a number of different parameters for the migraine, such as when it started, the duration, intensity, symptoms, etc. For the different parameters the app uses preconfigured lists which the user can customize. The app also provides the the ability to export reports which can be opened in Excel.

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