Sherri and Jim Corbo Career Info


Sherri Corbo began her career at NASA GSFC in 1984 as a co-op where she served in various administrative capacities in support of the Office of Flight Assurance. She later moved to the Small Explorer Project where she supported the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE) as a resource analyst. From 1998 through 2001, Ms. Corbo served as a Program Analyst in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer where she was responsible for the program analysis of the CenterĂ­s Earth Science programs and served as the Center Workforce Administrator. In 2001, she transferred to the Flight Projects Directorate where she began supporting the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Development Project as the Financial Manager and subsequently became the Deputy Project Manager for Resources during which she served as an expert consultant in the planning, monitoring, and administration of the project. Ms. Corbo transferred to the HST Program office in January 2005 as the Program Business Manager with overall responsibility for the comprehensive integration of all resources aspects of the Program. She was the Business Manager for the Astrophysics Projects Division (APD) with the management and oversight of all financial and general business activities for all Programs/Projects within the Division. Sherri is currently the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Resources for GSFC.


Jim started his NASA career as a Beltway bandit and has supported a number of contractors (Atlantic Research Corp., McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Lockheed Martin) before ending up as a NASA GSFC employee on the Hubble Project as the Chief Systems Engineer for the Servicing Project. The Hubble support started in 1995 and has covered multiple servicing missions: the Second Servicing Mission (SM2), SM3A, SM3B, and SM4. Over the course of that time, he has learned to SCUBA dive for his job, seen several Shuttle launches, sat console for the duration of four servicing missions, climbed all over the mobile launch platform and shuttle at the launch pad, explored the Vehicle Assemble Building (VAB) at KSC, dove at MSFC's Neutral Buoyancy Facility, dove at JSC's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, climbed all over exact replicas of the HST hardware in clean room facilities, operated flight hardware, used crew training simulators.

These are exciting, fast paced, and quite fun missions culminating in the Shuttle Launch and crew servicing of HST.

Hubble Servicing Missions